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Woven filter cloth serials

Our products Woven Filter Cloth Serials

Zhejiang Suita Filter Material Technology Co., Ltd, formerly Tiantai Industrial Cloth Factory, has been a specialist in woven filter cloth for more than 30 years, developing dust collection and liquid/solid separation filter solutions for many industries.
Suita Filtech as one of the most professional filter fabric manufacturer produces a wide range of filtration fabrics, from 30g/sqm to 1800g/sqm in a variety of fiber types, widths and constructions, the professionals will ensure that you have the right filter fabric for your equipment.
Most of the filter fabric from SUITA FILTECH are manufactured with the advanced special designed looms and finishing equipments from European to guarantee consistent and superior quality. This also ensures that fabrics are woven to your exact precision standards every time, any help needed on filtration, welcome to contact SUITA FILTECH!

The woven filtration fabrics from SUITA FILTECH

Needle felt filter cloth serials
Filter bag serials
Air slide fabrics serials
Monofilament serials
Filter cartridge & dust collector
Bag filter houses and accessories
Raw materials and constructions with their advantages (for wove filter fabric)
The importance of filter cloth.

special designed filter cloth for sugar plants.
PET woven filter cloth

PP woven filter cloth

PA(Nylon) filter cloth
Cotton fabrics

Fiber glass woven filter cloth

Bolting cloth/ screen mesh

Polyester net

Kavlar (aramid) fabrics

scrim for needle felt

1. Polyester woven filter cloth

SUITA FILTERS manufacturing the polyester woven filter cloth can be categorised into three types: Polyester spun thread Filter Cloth, Polyester filament Filter Cloth and Polyester monofilament Filter Cloth, which mainly used for Candle Filters,Centrifuges, Disc Filters, Pan Filters, Rotary Drum Filters, Vacuum Belt Filters, Cartridge Filters, Dust collection, Filter Belt Presses, Filter Presses (filter press cloth), Gravity Dewatering, Leaf Filters, Nutsche Filter, Strainers, Tilting Pan Filter, etc.
Properties: good resistance to chemicals, abrasion and dry heat degradation, excellent dimensional stability.
Applications: air filtration and liquid/solid separation.
Mainly used in food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical plant, building section and mining industry,etc, for the equipment of filter presses, centrifuge filters, vacuum filters, belt filter presses, etc.

Note: Suita Filtech provide both filter cloth rolls and ready made filter fabrics.

polyester filter clothTypical parameter of
polyester woven filter cloth

  2. Polypropylene woven filter cloth

SUITA FILTERS manufacturing the polypropylene filter fabric can be categorized into three types, the PP spun thread filter cloth, PP filament filter cloth and PP monofilament filter cloth.
Properties: Acid-resistance, Alkali-resistance, Small specific gravity, high tensile strength, abrasion proof.
Applications: Liquid-solid separation and dust collection. Mainly used in precision chemical industry, Sugar-refinery, Pharmaceutical, alumina industris, etc, for equipments of frame filter presses, belt filters, blend belt filter, disc filters, drum filters, centrifuge filters, etc.

Note: Suita Filtech provide both filter cloth rolls and ready made filter fabrics.
PP filter cloth
Typical parameter of
polypropylene woven filter cloth

  3.Polyamide(Nylon) filter cloth

SUITA FILTERS manufacturing the polyamide filter faric / nylon filter fabric can be categorized into nylon filament filter cloth and nylon monofilament filter fabric, both PA6 and PA66 are available.

Applications: mainly used for liquid-soild separation. Mainly used in the industries of chemical, coal mining, building maerials, melting, for equipments in the strong alkali operating conditions, such as frame filter press, disc filters, and centrifuge filters.

Note: Suita Filtech provide both filter cloth rolls and ready made filter fabrics.

nylon filter cloth
Typical parameter of
polyamide woven filter cloth

  4. Cotton canvas/ cotton-polyester canvas

Suita Filters provide pure cotton canvas or cotton-polyester canvas for many kind of usage, such us used to make the diaphrame bag for electrolytic industry, edible oil filtration, or be used as the base cloth in the middle of the conveyor belt,etc.

Note: Suita Filtech provide both filter cloth rolls and ready made filter fabrics.
cotton filter cloth
Typical parameter of
cotton woven filter cloth

  5. Fiber glass woven filter cloth

Suita brand fiber glass woven filter cloth adopt high quality E-fiber glass and C-fiber glass which are widely used in many high temperature circumsstances for dust collection when after some special finish treatment.
With a stable dimension, water repelled, easy cake release property, fiber glass filter cloth widely used in the bag filter systems to recycle the valueable industrial products, as well as reduce the air pollution.

Parameter of the fiber glass woven filter cloth we provide
Weight: 350~900 g/m2
Thickness: 0.3~0.9mm
Air permeability: can be customize.
Operating temperature: 280℃ Instant:300℃

Finish: teflon pregnant or membrane, graphite treatment, silicon treatment, water repelled treatment. Can be customized according to clients requirements.

Application: Widely used in industry of carbon black, steel and non-ferrous metal processing, cement industry, chemical plant, power plant, etc, for dust collection, air filtration, it's the ideal filter material for LFSF.

The property of the fiber glass with PTFE membrane finished.
1.High filter efficiency: the emission can reduce to 30mg/Nm3; even can reduce to 5mg/Nm3 if needed.
2.With a lower filtration resistance: the filter resistance can down much when compared with non-membrane one. Such as the super refine carbon black producing, if use the normal fiber glass filter bags which the filter resistance will up to 3400Pa and the producing will hard to continuous, while the fiber glass with PTFE membrane the filter resistance just about 700Pa.
3.Larger gas volume: adopt the fiber glass with PTFE membrane can rise the wind speed accordingly, so that will larger the gas volume.
4.With a long life: the fiber glass with PTFE membrane finished will with a smooth surface and easy cake release, so the air pressure for dust removal can reduce some and the dust removal period can longer some also, so as to longer the using life and can keep a good performance 2~3 years as usual.

Note: Suita Filtech provide both filter cloth rolls and ready made filter fabrics.

fiber glass filter cloth
fiber glass filter bag
fiber glass filter bag

Typical parameter of
fiber glass woven filter cloth

  6. bolting cloth/ screen mesh

Suita filters provide polyester bolting cloth, nylon bolting cloth, PP mesh for printing industry, flour industry or some other general filtration (such as filter sheet, filter bags making,etc.

Mesh opening: 30 ~ 1800micron
Width:within 3.6meters

The mesh size and width can be customized, welcome to coopeate with us!

screen mesh
Typical parameter of
polyamide woven filter cloth

  7. Polyester dewatering belt, net

Suita filters provide polyester dryer fabrics, helix fabric, forming fabric, pulping fabric .pulp washing screens , vacuum screens ,sludge dewatering screens, desulfurization belt for power plant, polyster fabrics for Non-woven .Filtration cloth. And Variety of high-density grain filter mesh Stainless Steel .
Product quality has reached international advanced level, in the same sector has reached its leading position. Our products are widely used in paper-making, environmental protection, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, coal, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, ceramics, cement, sewage treatment, power plant desulfurization and denitrification, non-woven manufacturing, battery insulation board, wood based panel equipment industries etc. And exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other international markets.

belt press cloth

Typical parameter of
polyamide woven filter cloth

  8. Kavlar (aramid) fabrics

Kevlar is made of an extremely strong fabric called an aramid fabric, which is chemically related to nylon. This fabric, which is already very tough and durable, is then woven in a pattern similar to tiny spiderwebs all interlocked to provide additional strength and durability. Aramid fibers like kevlar are resistant to wear, tear and heat, and have absolutely no melting point.

The properties:
excellent abrasion and cut resistance
good environmental stability
retaining useful properties over a wide range of temperatures
good chemical resistance to most weak acids and alkalis, ketones, alcohols, hydrocarbons, oils and dry cleaning solvents.
Minimum, -420º F (-250ºC)
Maximum, 500º F (260ºC)
Chars at 800E° F (425ºC)
Degrades at 900E° F (480ºC)
Does not melt

Kavlar (aramid) fabrics are primarily used in polymer matrix laminates such as ballistic armor, in unlaminated layers for protective apparel, and in film laminates such as in high performance sailcloth,etc.

kavlar aramid fabric
Kavlar (aramid) fabrics

  9. scrim for needle felt supporting

Suita Filtech provide the scrim for needle felt filter felt supporting, special width and weight can be customized.

The scrim we can offer as following:
polyester scrim
polypropylene scrim
Homopolymer acrylic scrim
anti-static scrim
PPS scrim
aramid scrim /Nomex scrim
PTFE scrim
P84 scrim, etc.

Anything needed or any questions please feel free to contact SUITA.

scrim for needle felt supporting


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