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Our products Scrim for nonwoven

polyester scrim

polypropylene scrim

Homopolymer acrylic scrim


anti-static scrim

PPS scrim

aramid scrim /Nomex scrim


PTFE scrim

P84 scrim

1. Polyester scrim

The polyester scrim from Suita Filtech is made of high tenacity and low elongation industrial polyester filament yarn.
The weight varies from 85g/sqm to 125g/sqm.
The warp direction strength is more than 1500N/5cm and the weft direction strength is more than 800N/5cm.
Application: for needle felt supporting, such as the needle felt for dust collection bags.

polyester scrim

  2. Polypropylene scrim

The polypropylene scrim we mainly provide two kinds:
Polypropylene filament scrim
Polypropylene monofilament scrim
Application: for needle felt supporting, such as the needle felt for filter presses, paper making felt, etc.

polyester scrim

  3. Homopolymer acrylic scrim

The Acrylic scrim from Suita Filtech is made of Homopolymer acrylic fiber, for meeting the high tensile strength requirement from the industiral occation, we developed some speical workmanship when weaving, such as change the yarn size, increase the density, increase the twists of the yarns, etc, and our acrylic scrim the weight manily between 100g/sqm to 180g/sqm. The tensile strength in warp side is more than 900N/5cm, weft side is more than 350N/5cm.
Application: supporting scrim of acrylic needle felt for dust collection.
acrylic scrim

  4. Anti-static scrim

The products is a certain yarn woven with the antistatic yarn (S.S fiber yarn, carbon fiber yarn, modified antistatic polyester yarn, etc), which is a good for anti-static. We can make different pattern for the anti-static yarn in the base scrim according to different requirements. 

Application: supporting scrim of antistatic needle felt for dust collection which can be adopted for coal powder collection, etc.
antistatic scrim

  5. PPS scrim

The weight of the PPS scrims varies from 80g/sqm to 140g/sqm in order to match different strength requirements. The most popular 120g/sqm scrim warp direction strength is 900N and the weft wise strength is 500N.
Application: supporting scrim of PPS needle felt for dust collection

PPS scrim

  6. Aramid (Nomex) scrim

The aramid scrim from Suita Filtech, the weight varies from 60g/sqm to 130g/sqm. The most popular Meta Aramid scrim is 120g/sqm with warp direction strength as 900N and weft direction strength as 450N.

Application: supporting scrim of aramid needle felt for dust collection

acrylic scrim

  7. PTFE scrim

PTFE (Polytertrafluoroethylene) is widely used in high temperature filter and the waste incineration industry because of its excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance. With the reasonable stretching in the weaving process, the strength of the yarn is well protected in order to keep the strength of the scrim. The most popular PTFE scrim is 104g/sqm with warp direction as 900N and weft direction strength as 550N, which is better than the similar weight PTFE scrim in the market. 
Application: supporting scrim of PTFE needle felt for dust collection

polyester scrim

  8. P84 scrim

P84 as a famous filter material which is widely applied in power plants, steel plant, etc, which with the properties of excellent chemical resistance, high dimensional stability and high temperature resistance performance.
The standard P84 scrim of our company is 150g/sqm.
Application: supporting scrim of P84 needle felt for dust collection

P84 scrim


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