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bolting cloth, mesh fabricSuita Filtech is one of the most professional filter materials manufacturers of China and work in this filed for more than 30 years, the company provides full ranges of screen meshes / bolting cloth for different industrial occasions for various usages, the screen mesh / bolting cloth serials as following:
1. Polyester bolting cloth serials : polyester filter mesh, polyester screen printing mesh, polyester flour mesh
2. Polyamide / nylon bolting cloth serials: nylon filter mesh, nylon printing mesh, nylon flour mesh.
3. Polypropylene bolting cloth serials: polypropylene filter mesh

Mesh opening: 30 ~ 1800micron
Width: within 3.6meters

The mesh size and width can be customized, welcome to cooperate with SUITA FILTECH!

Parameter of nylon mesh (polyamide printing mesh) & nylon bolting cloth for filtration

nylon mesh
nylon mesh

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  Parameter of polyester bolting cloth (terylene / polyester printing mesh) & polyester filter mesh

  Nylon Flour Milling Mesh Series (PA flour mesh)
flour mesh 1flour mesh2

  Polyester Flour Milling Mesh Series (PET flour mesh)
flour mesh3

  PP meshThe polypropylene screen mesh / PP bolting cloth / PP filter mesh

Properties of PP mesh from Suita Filtech:
1. Various open size with punctual filter efficiency.
2. Excellent acid and alkali resistance.
3. Sufficient stock, fast delivery.

The technical specification of polypropylene screen mesh / PP bolting cloth will be provided according to the client's requirements, any PP screen mesh required, feel free to contact SUITA FILTECH!

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