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Our products Raw materials and constructions with their advantages
Woven filter cloth serials
the surface of the monofilament filter cloth is glabrous, easy for cake release.
combined many filament, hight tensile strength, easier cake release when compare to spun thread.
spun thread
spun thread/Staple fiber
combined by many staples, spun thread filter fabric are not very easy for cake release, but with a very fine open size, can get a very good filter efficiency.
Needle felt filter cloth serials
Filter bag serials
Air slide fabrics serials
Monofilament serials
Filter cartridge & dust collector
Bag filter houses and accessories

plain weave
Plain weave
joint point is close, fabrics has high strength

twill weave
Twill weave
joint point is not very close, easy for make the fabrics more dencisity
satin weave
Satin weave
few joint point, easy for making the surface of the fabric more glabrous


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