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Our products Filter bags for cement plants

In the current global economic climate, industries around the world are under pressure to raise efficiency and cut costs and the cement industry is no exception; furthermore, for reserve the environment, the governments from different countries made more and more strict waste gas emission policy, of course, which have much effect on those plants that need to exhaust much waste gases, such as steel plants, thermal power plants, sure cement plants also in this field.
How to find a suitable filter media according to their properties of different bag filter house in each production procedures of cement plants so as to make the bag filter houses work efficiently but with the lowest maintenance cost is a very important work for them nowadays.
SUITA FILTECH as one of the most professional filter bags manufacturers and dedicated in researching and developing the filter bags for the bag filter houses in cement plants for more than 20 years, any questions or any help needed on the filter bags used in cement plants, feel free to contact us!

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polyester dust filter bag

1. Polyester dust filter bag
pps/ryton filter bag
4. PPS/Ryton dust collector bag
fiber glass filter bag
7. Fiber glass filter bag

antistatic filter bag

2. Antistatic filter bag for coal mill
P84 filter bag, polyimide filter bag
5. P84/polyimide filter bag
pan/acrylic filter bag/homopolymer acrylic filter bag
8. Acrylic filter bag

nomex/aramid filter bag

3. Aramid/Nomex filter bag
ptfe filter bag
6. bag

Suita Filtech provide nearly all kinds of filter bags for cement plants, they used in different places of the cement plants, mainly as following:
A. filter bags for kiln-/raw mill in cement plant: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
B. filter bags for alkali bypass in cement plant: 5, 6, 7, or some blended.
C. filter bags for coal mill in cement plant: 2, 8 with antistatic.
D. filter bags for clinker cooler in cement plant: 1, 3, 5.
E. filter bags for cement finish mill: 1, 2.

Any questions on the filter bags for the bag filter houses in cement plants, just contact SUITA FILTECH freely!




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